The more things change….

….the more they remain the same.  Back in 2010 we observed how the IDF was “pimping” its male soldiers by having tourists visit an army base where they can mingle with hot, rugged Israeli male soldiers, and even have their picture taken with them in various states of undress. hello This undertaking was being done with the help of  a former porn actor who was also a supporter of the IDF and thus entitled to cavort on Israeli bases.  Seems Israel doesn’t mind seeing itself as the gay friendly capital of the Middle East.

But wait……let’s not leave out the women  who want to show their support for the IDF.

The Facebook page “Standing With IDF” has gotten quite a bit of attention since it was created on Wednesday, and it’s readily apparent why: the page is littered with bare breasts and butts on which women have written short tributes to the Israeli army, some more stripped down than others but all of them titillating. For the most part, the photos look like intimate selfies that one might “sext” to a partner, but with a handwritten “IDF” and a heart thrown in.


The Facebook page has been removed. Perhaps people don’t want to appear too celebratory while committing mass murder in Gaza, but here are some of the images.  Seems there’s more than a healthy dose of sexism and debauchery among Israel’s so-called elite IDF. t&atit for tatTat

More airplane news

It’s amazing what takes place in today’s post 911 world.  It seems people all over the world have been struck with the disease of stupidity.  Take for example this story coming out of Europe, the land of the world’s last two major wars.

Sunday morning, a teenager named Sarah allegedly took to Twitter and tweeted the following threat to American Airlines:



American Airlines responded with the following:



Good for American Airlines, one of the airlines that suffered the most on that day of infamy in 2001.  Their no nonsense approach will hopefully help land this poster in jail and if she doesn’t go to jail then her guardian should for allowing such a monumentally stupid act to be perpetuated. I hope authorities aren’t put off with her excuse that white people aren’t terrorists.

US Air pornOne another note is the embarrassing tweet made on the account of US Airways in response to a customer complaint.  It wasn’t what was said on the 120 character app it was the picture (above) that was displayed.  How the pornographic image made it on US Airways is a sleuthing story worthy of the best espionage novel but fortunately US Air is only guilty of  not taking it down before it could be captured on the ‘net for all to see.    It’s pathetic to see such disregard and disrespect for an industry associated with one of the most horrific acts of modern civilization.

More Airport Scanner News

Neocons are sexually repressed individuals who unleash their fetishes on an unsuspecting public; airport scanners are an example of that.  They would have you believe they are as sanitary, clinical as regular X-ray machines you might find in doctors’ offices but the reality is they reproduce full nude photographs of the people who go through them AND there is the potential that those photographs become a part of the public record because the unsuspecting traveller has consented to having his “picture” taken.

Don’t believe the scanner reproduces nude pictures?  In the UK scanners are banned for people under 18 because they violate Britain’s child pornography laws, which state in effect you cannot take  pictures of a naked child.  Also don’t buy for a minute the clinician sitting behind the monitor who monitors the images as one who will not take advantage of the gadgetry at hand.  Once you pass through the scanner your image is available for all to see; it can detect breast implants as well as the size and shape of one’s genitalia.  Just ask this guy!  It’s too bad we’ve bought the proposition that in order to be safe we must give up all rights to human decency and respect.  The next time you’re asked to step through a scanner, just remember this is what they’ll see.  If you don’t mind them seeing it, then I’d prefer you go to the airport without any clothes; I prefer to keep mine on.