Reading DrudgeReport, World Net Daily, The Guardian will make you dumb


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….just like watching FoxNews.  You can’t expect to get a grasp of what’s going on in the real world because media such as these have an agenda to distort reality in order to effect American policy against or for a certain segment of the population.  However, in the case of Drudge’s latest blatant distortion, there’s no doubt to whom it was aimed.

Report: ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ starts crucifixions was the headline on a recent Drudge page earlier this week and the imagery is enough to make one gasp out of horror and revulsion…..however it was not true.  None of it.  Drudge collects news headlines and posts them on his web page; he usually posts those stories that interest him or have the slant which he believes in which means he is not that concerned with authenticity as much as spin.  He draws on his pool of sources,  and the one he used for the story line above is the wildly insane World Net Daily . WND as it is known is a stubborn outlet that  clings to its prejudices and bias until the very end and this story of supposed crucifixions is no different, but nonetheless false and all hinges on ONE shadowy news source that started it all.

WorldNetDaily, and other sites that are reporting the story, all trace the claim of multiple Arabic sources to a Jewish web site called algemeiner, which has published its own highly-trafficked articleon the subject. Algemeiner, like the cited Arabic sources, in turn bases its claims on reports from Sky News Arabic — a recently formed joint venture between BSkyB and Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corp. Sky is supposedly the original source on the story, everyone agrees. Yet neither algemeiner nor WND nor any of the other sources supply the original Sky reporting that purportedly outlines the facts…..According to Fares Ghneim, a Sky communications official, the crucifixion claim “began on social media. It started getting pick-up from there and eventually reached us.”

Our reporters came across reports of the alleged crucifixions and a story very briefly appeared on the Sky News Arabia website,” he added. “The story — which was taken down within minutes — was based on third-party reports and I am not aware that any of our reporters said or confirmed anything along the lines of what is quoted in the article [by WorldNetDaily] … What’s unclear is where websites in North America got [the] Sky News Arabia bit from. As mentioned [previously], none of our correspondents confirmed this issue or commented on it. Clearly there is an intermediate source the websites got the info from, but as of yet we haven’t been able to identify it.”

Other outlets have come out and said there is no truth to the fiction planted by WND and others of similar ilk but in the time the story has been debunked, WND has come out again, double downed, to try to further authenticate its story this time removing one source that links to the SkyNews Arabic rumor and replacing it with another but adding nothing to the already debunked narrative. Such stories gain traction because of the dexterity of a writer who can persuade people to believe what they write.  If media outlets  have an unscrupulous writer an unsuspecting public can be steered in any direction the outlet wants to take it.


Such is the case with Joshua Trevino, the newest member for The Guardian.  The Furkan Doganstory is who Joshua Trevino is as much as why did The Guardian hire him and who he is, apart from his employment history, is someone who wrote that it was “cool” with him if the Israelis shot the participants in the 2011 Gaza Freedom Flotilla because it, the Flotilla, was no different than Nazis. About American Furkan Dogan who was killed by the Israelis in the raid, Trevino had this to say, ‘Make no mistake: in choosing to aid Hamas on the , Furkan Dogan raised his hand against his country. His fate was deserved.’ and this, ‘There are some Americans we’re better off without. Furkan Dogan is one of them’.  Yet, The Guardian, the third most popular news site on the internet has chosen to keep Trevino employed despite having this record of his really homophobic writings available for the world to see.  Contrast The Guardian’s cavalier attitude with that of Holyrood Magazine which  fired firebrand George Galloway after he sparked protests by suggesting WikiLeaks campaigner Julian Assange had been accused of no more than bad “sexual etiquette”.  One should expect therefore that The Guardian will have articles written by Trevino or others that will echo the racist attitudes of previous Trevino musings and possibly be passed on as fact in much the same way as WND has done with its “story” on mass crucifixion and the public will be none the wiser for the deception.  Indeed, one must expect such a scenario will happen because we know The Guardian has at least one writer who  has a definite predisposition to such writings. In an interesting  twist of irony, The Guardian is now the home of prolific writer Glenn Greenwald so my advice would be don’t read anything written by The Guardian, EXCEPT Greenwald’s articles.  Otherwise, the integrity of The Guardian has been seriously damaged with their embrace of someone who calls for the extra judicial murder of people who are engaged in lawful and supposedly protected protest in most places of the civilized world.

The DrudgeReport, World Net Daily, and The Guardian, along with the omnipresent FoxNews should be on your list of media to be ignored, otherwise you’re likely to not only be misinformed but misled.


The Rising Tide of Fascism in North America

galloway1We should all be used to the notion that differences of opinion, no matter how sanely and legally expressed ramadanand/or carried out are becoming less and less acceptable.  We should be used to or accustomed to that because of the previous eight years where political differences were couched in terms that produced an either for us or against us culture.  The extension of that was the “us” in the flippant and casually tossed dismissal of dissent used their power to silence expressions different from the mainstream.  I must admit there are plenty of voices of dissent and many avenues available for them  to express themselves; I must also admit there is the distinct possibility those venues most likely are being searched for to be shut down at a later date.  For now, the squashing of dissent has a very distinct flavor of fascism about it that fits the political definition of fascism to the letter.

Canada led the way in the lead up to the fascist abyss with its  announcement it would not allow George Galloway to visit that country because it claimed he gave “material support” to Hamas when he led a supply to that besieged strip of land after the Israeli invasion earlier this year.

“Specifically, we have information that indicates you organized a convoy worth over £1 million in aid and vehicles to Hamas, and personally donated vehicles and financing to (former) Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh. Your material support for this organization makes you inadmissible to Canada,”

The intended outcome of this decision is to stifle any expression of support materially or politically for the Palestinian people, not Hamas.  The Israelis have been able to tie all support for Palestinians with support for Hamas and therefore because of its undeserved terrorism designation, ostracize those who support the people of Gaza and inevitably Palestinians as a whole.  The Israelis  set up Hamas as a political straw dog on which many people rest their fate for the next so many years, while Israeli theft of Palestinian land continues until the next straw dog is set up to oppose Hamas and so on and so on.  This is not only foolhardy but dangerous, but it allows the Israeli government time  to establish some very definite “facts” on the ground while it tries to change the demographics of the region for future considerations.  Galloway’s problem is one of being too high profile a dissenter, one who might be able to influence many fence-sitters, politically as a member of British government or personally through the types of lectures he was scheduled to give in Canada.  Therefore his exposure to the world community must be limited.

The Canadians have taken a page from the US playbook where Tariq Ramadan is still being refused entry into the US because of a similar accusation.  The administration of “change”, Obama, has gone on record to argue Ramadan should not be allowed to visit America.  This after Obama himself claimed he wanted to reach out to Muslims all over the world.  The Obama administration’s support of Bush’s  denial of entry goes to show there’s not much difference between the two governments as it relates to foreign policy.

The visa ban — apparently based on Ramadan’s donations to a group linked to the Palestinian militants Hamas labeled a terrorist organization by Washington — was instituted under former president George W. Bush’s administration….the visa denial  (was)  pinned to Ramadan having donated 1,300 dollars to a Swiss charity, Association de Secours Palestinien (ASP).

The charity allegedly funded Hamas, the ruling Palestinian group in Gaza, which Washington designates as a terrorist organization.

What’s troubling about this accusation beyond it being “alleged” and not proven  is that Ramadan made known to everyone he had donated to the group at a time  before Hamas was designated as a terrorism group by the US government.   When that label was attached to Hamas, Ramadan ceased giving to the group.  In effect he is being held accountable for doing something when at the time he did it it wasn’t illegal.  But that’s not his only sin, besides those of his father and his grandfather.  Ramadan’s is a passionate voice for moderation and coexistence between a feared Islam and a reluctant West and nothing gets in the way of “fascism” like peace, so like Galloway, Ramadan’s exposure to the West must be confined to a much smaller universe like the halls of Oxford University.

It’s interesting to see the turf war going on between those who are for and against the intermingling of intellectual and political thought all over the world.  Obviously North America is still considered home for those who believe  in perpetual conflict, have an aggressive warrior mentality and believe in conquering, dominating, and eventually eliminating people deemed undesirable or unwanted.  It fit the previous administration like a hand in glove and seems to be the destiny of the Obama administration as well.  It  also fits the definition of fascism.