I thought Greece was facing an economic meltdown? So how are they able to afford hassling non-violent members of the Gaza flotilla

with silly useless charges like disturbing sea traffic and disobeying orders to LEAVE Greece?  As a Gaza flotilla prepares to set off for Gaza it seems they’ve become the center of Greece’s attention, despite the fact the country is nearly bankrupt and economically insolvent.  Greece is still able to find the money and the man power to prevent a group of people from leaving the country….(at who’s expense?) and set sail for Gaza.  Of course we know the answer to this cui bono, but it underscores two realities.  One, when you’re facing money problems you risk the potential for interference in your internal affairs by an opportunistic entity such as Israel, and two the maniacal obsession Israel has for eliminating any opposition, peaceful or otherwise to anything it does.



Go Ahead, Shoot! We Don’t Care!

Seal of the United States Department of State.

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That seems to be what Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State seems to be saying to the Israelis who are facing the possibility of confronting another Gaza bound flotilla.  The last one ended in the murder of 9 people, and it doesn’t seem to bother the Israelis or the US State department that this latest one could end up that way as well.  Once again the illegality of the blockade on the part of Israel is completely forgotten in Clinton’s statements and the fact that she, and by extension we, seems to be indifferent to the safety of Americans is equally distressing.  Clinton has even received some support for this shoot first, ask questions or even deal with questions later attitude by other Americans in the press.

It’s not like the Israelis are being “attacked”, they aren’t, it’s just that they’re being asked to treat Palestinians like any other member of the world community, entitled to territorial integrity and the right to self-determination….something the Israelis demand for themselves and it’s not like the flotilla is armed with the latest and greatest existentially threatening military hardware. It’s not, but the histrionics of the Israelis and the American State dept cabal would have you believe otherwise.  So if you’re under the illusion that America looks out for its own, even those who may faithfully, patriotically and legally disagree with American policy, then dispel yourselves of that notion immediately.