Loyalty to Donald Trump

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The Mueller Report

mueller reportIt finally arrived; it’s here.  The Mueller Report the world has been waiting for hoping it would tell us once and for all the truth about Donald Trump.  Is he as corrupt as it was reported or is all that was written about him a hoax the fake news Trump always claimed it was? No matter where you fell on the political spectrum everyone put their faith in what Mueller would produce because of his sterling reputation as a Washington institutionalist, his integrity, and experience as a soldier and federal prosecutor, the head of the FBI and his bipartisan appeal.  

Mueller amassed a team that worked for almost two years on the ‘Report on Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election’.  During that time his team produced scores of indictments against people surrounding the Trump administration and beyond. He also produced several convictions that hit very close to Trump proving to all his investigation was not a hoax and reports of Trump corruption were not fake news. More importantly during the entire time preceding the publication and release of the Report, there were no leaks from Mueller’s office.  There weren’t any rumors or speculations about what would be in his report which emanated from his office which was further testimony to the integrity of the process and its results.

Now that the Report is out and available for all to read it presents America with a problem that only has ONE solution.  Mainstream media, especially print media did a pretty good job of detailing a lot of Trump’s corruption and criminal behavior but what it printed could always be dismissed by Trump supporters with the appellation “fake news”.  Mueller’s report, however, put a stamp of authenticity on some of the reports that had been previously dismissed and exposed an even more brutal truth that the President of the United States was actively attempting to obstruct investigations into his criminal behavior. Names, dates, places were given the imprimatur of Mueller and his team with an irrefutable precision that can leave the government of the United States but one choice in response.  Impeachment.

How can the largest most powerful democracy have its standard bearer, its president constitutionand the titular head of the free world remain in office with sins so exposed and obvious for all to see and not make any moves to remove him from office in ways that its own system of governance say it can pursue. The Constitution of the United States has provided a mechanism to legally remove a corrupt President from office without violence while maintaining the continuity of governance.  What excuse can be legitimately offered NOT to impeach a president who has shown such disdain for the law and the legal process of governance that Trump has demonstrated so clearly and blatantly? What signal does it send to the world now and in the future to have someone who has been exposed to be engaged in criminal activity against his own government to allow that type of behavior to continue unchallenged when a legal remedy exists to stop and remove such a leader. What does America think will be the response of the world community that looks upon this predicament and sees a country impotent?  Doesn’t that diminish the stature of America in the eyes of the international community? America has to begin the process of impeachment. Whether it will lead to the removal of Trump from office is irrelevant; the legislative branch of government must claim the authority the Constitution has given it and assert its power in the face of an over-reaching executive otherwise the Constitution will have become an inert document that cannot save America from itself.

The GOP is no longer relevant

The dinosaur known as the Republican Party

I’ve been tweeting since 2016 and the election of Donald Trump that the Republican party is no longer a legitimate, relevant opposition party in American politics. The descent into the abyss of moral decadence lays squarely at the foot of those Americans who support the candidacy of Donald Trump, the most morally bankrupt and ignorant person to occupy any political office in American history. I am willing to give people who voted in the Republican primary for Trump because perhaps they were not up to snuff on who he is but in 2019 after all the media exposure Trump has had as a candidate and as President should leave no doubt how bad a candidate he is and how much worse the Republican party that props him up has become.

Personal responsibility used to be a bedrock of GOP ideals. Theirs was a  notion that honorable politicians propose a policy they think will benefit the American body politic and if things go upside down those same politicians will own up to their mistake and try to make things right. The buck stops here an expression used by Democrat Harry Truman was turned on its head by Trump whose incompetence means nothing he does will work but who’s smart enough to pass the buck and claim ‘the buck stops with everyone’.  In practical terms a government shutdown solely of his making which had disastrous effects on America is not his problem or responsibility at all…..it’s everyone’s fault.

The law and order mantra of Republicans in the ’60s barely got out of their mouths before it was defamed by the Nixon/Agnew ticket. It stands to reason Trump has even more egregiously made that idea meaningless. He ran a criminal enterprise as a real estate businessman and he’s carried that criminality into the White House. In the process, he’s laid ruin to bureaucracy by firing competent career public servants and putting in his cronies whose only priority is to protect him from the rule of law. Oh, and a benefit of their doing a good job is they are able to plunder the government largesse available to them as long as they don’t get caught. Republicans now find themselves making excuses for criminal behavior and they do so with a vigor that makes you wonder whether they ever really held on to the belief that law and order, the rule of law is important in civil society.

Family values of the Reagan years are out the window. Do we need to talk any more about pussy grabbing and extramarital affairs that were withheld from the public that Trump paid to make disappear or by corporate friends of his who paid his paramours for their silence? In days gone by such dalliances would keep an office seeker out of office but today’s Republican has no problem with a president who cheated on his wife BEFORE he assumed office, just don’t do it while in the White House. However, that vice is not for mere mortals only for Trump or those who surround and defend him; all others are held to the standards of morality that usually come with family values in sometimes very comic ways. This is today’s Republican Party; you’d be wise to avoid it. When you see it coming towards you get the hell outta the way!

This is what strength looks like in the face of adversity

president-barack-obama-talks-with-russian-president-vladimir-putin_a-g-14703664-8088923 We always heard from @realDonaldTrump about how strong a leader Vladmir Putin is and how weak a President Obama was, yet the evidence and the historical record shows just the opposite. Obama was confident, comfortable, prepared and domineering during his encounters with  Putin. Can the same be said of Trump?

Miracles Never Cease


Jackie Robinson

I am always amazed how people who are the most oppressed by the American system are some of its most ardent believers and supporters and those who stand to benefit the most from America seem to be casually dismissive about what is America. While this might be an ugly thing to say, oppression can bring out the best in people.  It causes them to fight, to exert themselves in order to outdo in every way their opponents. I think that’s what propelled Jackie Robinson to pen this essay in the early ’50s. I was impressed with the hope, enthusiasm even patriotism he seemed to hold for a Jim Country country which sought to deny him every opportunity he chose to explore.  It was this spirit of hope, excellence and patriotism which seemed to mark the essence of African-Americans who fought white supremacy. See if you can feel it in Robinson’s words.


At the beginning of the World Series of 1947, I experienced a completely new emotion, when the National Anthem was played. This time, I thought, it is being played for me, as much as for anyone else. This is organized major league baseball, and I am standing here with all the others; and everything that takes place includes me.

About a year later, I went to Atlanta, Georgia, to play in an exhibition game. On the field, for the first time in Atlanta, there were Negroes and whites. Other Negroes, besides me. And I thought: What I have always believed has come to be.

And what is it that I have always believed? First, that imperfections are human. But that wherever human beings were given room to breathe and time to think, those imperfections would disappear, no matter how slowly. I do not believe that we have found or even approached perfection. That is not necessarily in the scheme of human events. Handicaps, stumbling blocks, prejudices — all of these are imperfect. Yet, they have to be reckoned with because they are in the scheme of human events.

Whatever obstacles I found made me fight all the harder. But it would have been impossible for me to fight at all, except that I was sustained by the personal and deep-rooted belief that my fight had a chance. It had a chance because it took place in a free society. Not once was I forced to face and fight an immovable object. Not once was the situation so cast-iron rigid that I had no chance at all. Free minds and human hearts were at work all around me; and so there was the probability of improvement. I look at my children now, and know that I must still prepare them to meet obstacles and prejudices.

But I can tell them, too, that they will never face some of these prejudices because other people have gone before them. And to myself I can say that, because progress is unalterable, many of today’s dogmas will have vanished by the time they grow into adults. I can say to my children: There is a chance for you. No guarantee, but a chance.

And this chance has come to be, because there is nothing static with free people. There is no Middle Ages logic so strong that it can stop the human tide from flowing forward. I do not believe that every person, in every walk of life, can succeed in spite of any handicap. That would be perfection. But I do believe — and with every fiber in me — that what I was able to attain came to be because we put behind us (no matter how slowly) the dogmas of the past: to discover the truth of today; and perhaps find the greatness of tomorrow.

I believe in the human race. I believe in the warm heart. I believe in man’s integrity. I believe in the goodness of a free society. And I believe that the society can remain good only as long as we are willing to fight for it — and to fight against whatever imperfections may exist.

My fight was against the barriers that kept Negroes out of baseball. This was the area where I found imperfection, and where I was best able to fight. And I fought because I knew it was not doomed to be a losing fight. It couldn’t be a losing fight-not when it took place in a free society.

And in the largest sense, I believe that what I did was done for me — that it was my faith in God that sustained me in my fight. And that what was done for me must and will be done for others.

Loyalty to Donald Trump

Anyone who is an appointee in the Donald Trump administration or anyone else within reach of his tentacles that he can fire will be required to ensure him they are ok with his extortion and treason. Please let there be no doubt about that and such an employee in the federal government is highly undesirable. That said the new attorney general is proof positive of this strategy; within a week of taking over that offsenate_attorney_general_57051-780x520ice he has sent out feelers that the Robert Mueller investigation should be drawing to a close and if you’re Donald Trump the timing couldn’t be better.

Mueller is the consummate professional and a beast. His office has been silent while he racks up convictions and charges of Trump’s inner circles. Given time Mr. Mueller would be knocking on Trump’s door BUT loyalty which Trump extracted from William Barr is at work here and will delay what should be an inevitable, the removal of Donald Trump from office. Barr isn’t an institutionalist he’s an ideologue who like the others in the administration can hold their nose just long enough to get what they want from Trump while giving him the protection (read loyalty by some) he needs to escape what should be a very long, as in for the rest of his natural life, prison term.

The commodity called Hope Hicks


White House Communications Director Hope Hicks

I will never understand how or why any woman would ever want to vote for Donald Trump for anything but a prison sentence. The way he treats women is nothing short of sexual harassment/assault. Hope Hicks and the treatment she has received throughout her time working with him the campaign and in the White House is a textbook example of an emotionally abused woman who found a way to escape from her abuser by resigning from her job working for him.

If it’s true she really knows who Donald Trump is her remaining with him for as long as she did is one sign of abuse where a victim remains with her abuser as a survival strategy during captivity or in her case during the intense partisanship that exists in Washington and national politics. Hicks sought solace in some rather unfortunate circumstances….romantic relationships with abusive men who were affiliated with Donald Trump, extensions of him in every way.  Whether they were abusive towards her is something we don’t know at this time but the abuse of her paramours is a matter of public record a record that Hope Hicks chose to ignore.  Donald Trump is a particularly aggressive sexual predator, don’t forget who likes to force himself on women or publicly shame them.  Talk of blood and women was a common rebuttal Trump used against his female detractors.

What is it that allegedly drove Hicks to find some sort of normalcy with the likes of Corey Lewandowski who was once arrested for carrying a handgun, three magazines, a holster and several rounds of ammunition into a federal office building? They were mixed up by accident, he said, with his dirty clothes in an overnight bag. Red flag!!! Definite red flag….that Hicks ignored. Lewandowski was also charged with inappropriate sexual behavior by Joy Villa. And when Lewandowski was released by Trump from his responsibilities with the Trump campaign it was Hicks, some would say, who wanted to help him in.  It’s amazing how one person encompasses all that is happening in today’s political discussion centering around firearms and who should, should not possess them.  Lewandowski is one who should not own firearms.

Yes, Hicks went on to have a relationship with another Trump aide who was twice married before being involved with her and who abused both of his former wives in a way that had to be known by Hicks but the thing that bothers me the most in all these trysts is how Donald Trump reportedly talked about this valued aide, Hicks in front of others. In what could only be described as slut-shaming Trump told Hicks not to worry about Lewandowski since she was the best piece of tail he would ever have…Said comment was embarrassing enough to send her out of the room but it also shows how Trump views people in his orbit and more importantly women. Pundits trying to understand and explain Hicks’ sudden departure from the White House talk about how important she was to Mr. Trump, how indispensable, important and well-liked she was yet none of those descriptions square with the language of slut-shaming Trump used in the presence of others as if she was a “thing” a commodity to be valued based on how well she sexually satisfied Lewandowsky. This is the sign of the times where the President of the United States sees people who work with him as sexually satisfying or sexually gratified. Those who voted for him have to figure out in which category they fall.