Was there any doubt about this?

That the Tea Party was nothing but a bunch of hucksters out to make a quick buck on America’s dissatisfaction with the current political trends…..(read that racism) sweeping the country and the world, thanks to the likes of Rupert Murdoch and his  minions in corporate media.    To most in government, as well as government’s aspirants, your money grows on trees that they can pluck from without your permission to use for their personal wealth and power.  In order to do that they must  keep you mesmerized and afraid in front of your televisions and radios while corporate interests rob you of your money, and yes those corporate interests include the federal government, but also the various and sundry “security” agencies that have sprung up of late.

So this headline should not come as a surprise, nor should this

A website run out of Arizona, ostensibly to support the so-called tea party movement, is under scrutiny after a local news organization dug into their finances and ownership, only to find what some may characterize as a remarkable scam.According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) disclosure forms, JoinTheTeaParty.us took in approximately $469,000 in donations this year and spent roughly half its budget on marketing, with the rest going to distinctly non-political avenues.

This revelation comes on the heels of another tea party member/sympathizer, Christine O’Donnell, no kin to Lawrence O’Donnell I hope, who has been accused of using campaign funds for her own private finances.  I certainly don’t mean to imply by all this that the Tea Party movement is so corrupt it won’t win any seats in the upcoming election…..unfortunately, it will. I am equally sure, however if there was any more digging around in the finances of the Tea Party, I betcha’ one can find  financial irregularities abound in their midsts. However, everyone should remember the old tried and true saying, ‘you get what you pay for’, and if the last Administration’s stable of crooks wasn’t enough to upset the electorate, just wait until the Tea party guys come along.  It will surely be a paaaaaaaaarrrrrrttttyyyyyy!!

Pro Libertate: Fallujah, U.S.A.

Police brutality at your door step
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Please see Will Griggs thorough, impassioned, precise and complete article on this “atrocity”  at  Pro Libertate: Fallujah, U.S.A.
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I’d like to see the Tea Party crowd get angry about this

I saw Lawrence O’Donnell’s The Last Word where the host asked four tea party group members what they would do to cut government spending and make big government smaller.  They all raged on about socialism and wealth distribution, but not one, NOT ONE talked about this kinda’ of government largesse or government  waste.

Nearly 18 billion dollars earmarked for reconstruction in Afghanistan remain unaccounted for, snagged in a “labyrinth” of contract bureaucracy, a sweeping US government audit has shown.The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) said 17.7 billion dollars was obligated over three years to nearly 7,000 contractors, but the Pentagon, State Department and US Agency for International Development were unable to say how much money has been spent.

The audit addresses fiscal years 2007 through 2009, but the problems go back to 2002 when the United States began funding Afghan reconstruction, because “much of the data available from the agencies prior to 2007 was too poor to be analyzed,” the report said.

Figures doesn’t it that the government waste they should be talking about occurred during a Republican administration which wasted its taxpayers’ money while giving tax breaks to corporations it was also giving taxpayers’ money to.  Can you spell double dip anyone?

Olbermann sizzles again

It’s unfortunate the Obama administration nor many of those who consider themselves among the “progressive” movement in the US media don’t tackle the insane whackos of the Tea Party and conservative media the way Olbermann et.co do on their programs at MSNBC. Thankfully there are some voices among electronic journalist of protest. So in order to pay homage to “righteous” indignation, I present Olbermann, nailing it again.

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Caught in another lie–it just never stops with them does it?

“We strongly condemn the unauthorized disclosure of classified information,” said Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell prior to the release of  Wikileaks almost 400,000 documents outlining the abuses as well as body counts during the Iraqi invasion.  The Wikileaks figures surpass the Pentagon’s figures by some 30,000 and are  lower than five other groups’ estimates, which probably doesn’t mean much to you if you aren’t the victim of a foreign invasion.  But two things come out both news reports.

First, the Pentagon, despite its own claims during the war to the contrary, was keeping a tally of casualties during the war and secondly the final total was far greater than what the Pentagon claimed during the war when it was releasing it “officially unofficial” figures.  Once again,  government bureaucracy lied about the war and once again we just seem to take it as business as usual.  We get what we deserve, don’t we?

Another One Bites the Dust—Hooray!

Sometimes it takes an injustice to point out another injustice. The Right is howling about the lack of due process or censorship of Juan Williams’ free speech rights after he was fired from NPR for his incendiary remarks on FoxNews’ Bill O’Reilly show.  Once again, they are claiming some type of victim status for Williams who was awarded THE VERY NEXT DAY with a $2 million FoxNews contract to continue spewing his venom, albeit free speech venom, for all those on the Right who love fear but hate their fellow citizens or mankind.

However, in reply to this hypocritical diatribe from the Right I have six words for you

Rick Sanchez, Helen Thomas, Octavia Nasir

Now for a more elaborate and appropriate response, I suggest checking Glen Greenwald here.  Oh and before I go, does anyone from the Right recognize this face?

Those of you interested in “free speech” should ask Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) who the man pictured above is and then let’s talk about the First amendment.

This is a solution?

In Israel, in response to this

This is proposed.

An Israeli lawmaker has backed the shooting of Palestinians that throw rocks at settler cars, saying even children should be targeted if they appear “life-threatening.”

“Even a child, if he is endangering someone’s life, should be shot at,” said Michael Ben Ari on Monday during a meeting of the Israeli parliament (Knesset) Committee for Rights of the Child, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Arrest is not good enough for Palestinians, only death is the solution for rock throwing.  My question is can I shoot my neighborhood kid when he throws a rock at my car, or if I think he/she is doing that…or walking on my yard?  Unfortunately, I don’t have a 10 foot wall that separates me from my annoying neighbors, but in Israel if you’re not out of sight as in behind a wall,  then you should be dead.