4 Responses to georgia_niggerII

  1. Frank says:

    These photos bring back the memory of being told of my paternal grandfather being shot on his porch by hooded whites of the town, dragged through what was called “nigger hill”, mutilated, lynched and his body burned while hanging. Reason, he refused to walk in the rain soaked muddied street with my father although the wooden sidewalk was enough room for everyone white but not him carrying my father in his arms at age of five. My grandmother died not receiving justice for her and her six children. Only in America, land of the free and home of the brave if you’re white in the State of Virginia!

  2. And they want us to forgive

  3. @Linda I just want them to stop!

  4. Alonzo says:

    Their weakness is knowledge and understanding but they love eathly gain. They invaded many lands for many reasons and fear is their power that have shed great blood. Their fear is a nation of one…Just as in the days of Pharaoh so are the days of the pale face. Pharaoh’s greatest fear was from what he saw when he looked at the Hebrew nation. They entered Egypt with less than six hundred but during the Exodus they grew to two million plus. Pharaoh’s fear was that the Hebrew nation would merge with his enemy and wage war against him. So he put them all in bondage in hopes to cut their growing number but God bless them all the more and the kept growing in numbers make the fear of Pharaoh greater. Pharaoh released the Hebrew and set them free but said to the others…who will work on our farms, who will fix our roads and so forth. So he gathered his army and went after the Hebrew and was destroyed in the Red Sea. Now check this out…the pale face sits in the place of Pharaoh and the Black Americans sit in the place of the Hebrew since many are Hebrew. The other enemy of the pale face other than the Black Americans are the Latinos. In other words…When these two nations merge as one…the Pharaoh of America will remember the days that they shed great blood.

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