Israelis Consider American Jews First Jewish Then Israeli

At least that’s what they’ve told Rahm Emmanuel.

National Union chairman Ya’acov “Ketzele” Katz sent a letter to White House chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel last week admonishing him not to forget his Jewish and Israeli origins.

Katz claims that in a private meeting with the unnamed leader, Emanuel said, “In the next four years, there will be a peace agreement with the Palestinians on the basis of two states for two peoples, and it does not matter to us who is the prime minister.”

In the letter, a Hebrew version of which was provided to The Jerusalem Post by Katz’s parliamentary aide, Katz wrote: “For many Israelis, this report is a cause for worry because it reveals a condescending attitude toward our prime minister and Israeli public opinion. This is an attitude that Israel does not expect from a real friend such as the US, and all the more so from an Israeli Jew who has succeeded in being appointed White House chief-of-staff.”

Katz was hinting that Emanuel should use his influence to protect Israeli interests, which, he believes, are best served by preventing the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

One has to wonder how many other Jewish Americans in government have been given the same message and acted on that message/hint/threat, that Israeli/Jewish interests supersede American interests. Perhaps that explains the current hot water Congresswomen Jane Harman finds herself in as she tried to make deals with a member of the Israeli government to influence American policy in exchange for his help in gaining her an influential position in government, the House Committee on Intelligence no less!  The Harman episode is dramatic because it reveals how the US government was keeping wiretapes on Israeli espionage in this country before 911 which representative Harman got caught up in.  Most likely other Jewish Americans used their influence to shut this aspect of wiretapping, i.e. connections between Israeli officials and the events of 911 out of the public domain and for many that is considered their job!

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