Israel attacks Sudan and blames Hamas?

sudan_gazaIsrael  launched an attack on Sudanese territory to supposedly interdict an arms convoy supplied by Iran headed to Gaza….and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.  No doubt an attack took place, or that’s according to US authorities and it was launched by Israel, but the reasons for the attack hardly have anything to do with weapons.  Hamas makes a good point when they say

“Should it turn out that there were raids and a high number of people killed, this would mean Israel is seeking to use the opportunity to blame Hamas and hit Sudan,” he said.

The fact that the Gaza Strip is not a neighbour of Sudan, with Egypt in between, “shows these are false claims,” he added.

Israel has pounded Gaza and Egypt in attempts to destroy the tunnel system they say exists to smuggle things into Gaza; however, now they think it’s justified to bomb a regional neighbor that has never hosted, fomented, incited or carried out any attacks against Israel.  Sudan is a political foe of Israel; it is a predominantly Muslim country which has repudiated Israel’s expansionist policies in the West Bank and Gaza.  I would hope that the predominantly Christian country of America would repudiate Israeli policy in Palestine… UN resolutions demand at least that.  Should the US expect an attack of the magnitude of the Sudanese intrusion?  Have we already had such an attack?  Israel makes it clear they think they can go anywhere and attack anyone they think has a terrorist infrastructure.  Of course only Israel can single-handedly define what constitutes a “terrorist infrastructure” whether in a contiguous neighbor or one far removed, like Sudan, Cyprus, or even western Europe and or North America.  What’s even more unfortunate about all this is the US would rather be impotent in its response to Israeli aggression than to take a stand against it.  In doing so, America has signed on to Israeli aggression against all its “foes” and the possibility of a world war the likes of the previous two.  It seems humanity gets this once a century itch to literally fight itself to the death, when it’s not necessary nor prudent; but it’s become our destiny and America has become the prime enabler in movement towards that end.  Instability of the region that allows for Israeli hegemony has always been the goal of Israeli policy, that and the usurpation of its neighbors natural resources.  In order to accomplish this they cannot have opposition; acquiescence is essential and the slightest objection vocal or otherwise is considered an existential threat to those  goals.  That said, one should only expect more death and destruction.

4 Responses to Israel attacks Sudan and blames Hamas?

  1. jonolan says:

    So, attacking arms shipments to the terrorists in Gaza is wrong? Those who supply or support terrorists are no better than the vermin themselves.

    As you said, “when you lie with dogs…you get fleas.”

    Now, if it can be proved that destroying arms shipments was the goal of the strikes, that’s another matter.

  2. miscellany101 says:

    If you are asking whether attacking Sudan for shipment of arms to “terrorists” in Gaza is wrong, well precisely so, it is wrong. You can’t offer up on the plate of international relations an exclusive, self centered definition of terrorist/terrorism while ignoring the other definitions out there. Who made Israel, and by extension her supporters, god?

  3. jonolan says:

    Ah, I understand now; It’s Israel and the Jews doing it and therefor it’s wrong in your kind’s eyes. That’s sad really, but fully expected from your sort.

  4. miscellany101 says:

    Thank you for the compliment; it used to be seen as such until recently, when might makes right became the norm. The rule of law used to mean something and unilateralism was an aberration and not an opportunity to seize on an opponent’s weakness. I don’t have time to trade insults with you about who’s a terrorist and who’s not all the while men, women and children are dying in Gaza.

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