In Israel American life is cheap

tristanThe Israelis are in such a hurry to kill people who are not Israeli that they even break their own laws to do so.  The latest victim is Tristan Anderson, an American from California who joined in solidarity with Palestinians in the village of Ni’lin and was  shot in the head, for his trouble,  with a nasty piece of  munition  at quite some distance.  I don’t know what made Mr. Anderson think that Israelis live by the same laws as America, where peaceful assembly is NOT met with fatal fire from the authorities.  A brief history of the village where he was would have convinced him that Ni’lin is a target practice area for the IDF; upwards of 20 people have already been shot there.  Of course we’re hearing the same lame excuses for his near death, if he isn’t dead already of his  injuries, from Israeli apologists: ‘he shouldn’t have been there’, ‘he got what he deserved’, ‘that’s what you get for taking up the Palestinian cause’, etc.,  and I would sort of agree with the first one above.  He shouldn’t have been there, and neither should the billions of dollars of aid we have given to our rather petulant ally who thanks us by shooting in cold blood American citizens who want to see for themselves how their tax  money is being spent.  Americans should steer as clear from Israel as humanly possible, and convince their lawmakers, under threat of expulsion from the seat of government,  to do the same with our federal largess.  Anything else dishonors the memory of those brave souls who were sacrificed at the altar of Israeli appeasement by cowardly American congressmen and women.

5 Responses to In Israel American life is cheap

  1. Chris Hunt says:

    Can’t we chalk up this American’s being critically injured to a very bad case of fleas? After all, Palestine has been and continues to be a very bad dog, being continually the agressor while Israel is a reluctant participant in the violence that mars the region.

  2. miscellany101 says:

    Trading insults is as degrading as shooting someone in cold blood. If that’s what you think so be it. In a society of laws, shooting someone in the manner Anderson was is grounds for prosecution and a rather lengthy jail term. That rarely happens in Israel. Had that happened to any American in a foreign country other than Israel where there was a controlling legal authority US authorities would demand justice. It would be a moot point to do so with regards to Israel.

  3. American Life is cheap indeed. Palestinian Life is cheaper and anyone, regardless of their stand with justice, will suffer the same in the “only democracy in the middle east.

    Rachel Corrie was killed. Shanbo Heinemann was shot in the head (pictures here: and Palestinian babies and children have been murdered in cold blood… aiming right at their heads!

    This is Israel: and I do agree that we should immediately halt any and all aid to a racist Nazi-like country. We need the money spent at home!


  4. James says:

    “that Israelis live by the same laws as America, where peaceful assembly is NOT met with fatal fire from ”
    The village of Ni’lin is NOT America! It is full of jihadist terrorists that blow up malls and schools in the name of Allah.
    Once you place yourself among these jihadists, you are risking your life.
    I wish Tristan full recovery and good health.

  5. miscellany101 says:

    To the Israelis, and apparently many Americans like yourself, anyone who opposes Israeli expansion is a jihadist. Another distinction of the village of Ni’lin is the shooting in the foot, caught on tape, of a Palestinian man Abu Rahma, who was handcuffed and escorted by the police at the time he was shot point blank. You can read about him, if you care to, here:

    So existence, not just protest, much less fighting, is cause for your execution in Israel; let’s just forget about the convenient labels like “jihadist” or “terrorist” which are as useless in this discussion as anti-semite.

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