Grasping for straws

charlesfreemanIt’s really amusing to see the Lobby going through its gyrations while opposing all the Obama administration is doing regarding foreign policy and Israel.  Theirs is a coordinated, multiprong effort at causing instability and chaos and they’ve gotten off to a good start.  Here’s their latest attempt.  They seem to be upset with the appointment of Charles Freeman as chairman of the National Intelligence Council, calling him alternately an “Arabist”, a human rights abuser, a Saudi lackey, etc. Of course what he is is someone the Lobby cannot manipulate or control and as head of the NIC would probably have a say in how intelligence is vetted or interpreted regarding Iran, a country in Israel’s sights.  So far, both Freeman and Obama have had little to say about the Lobby’s efforts at voiding his nomination.  It’ll be interesting to see who blinks first.

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