By way of deception thou shalt wage war

The entire Gaza operation has been one of deception, from the thousands of rockets launched into southern Israel which have caused the most potently armed country in the region to become afraid, to the attacks on sanctuaries for civilians because they harbored terrorists, the Israelis have used every trick in the book to justify their bloodbath and it has all been built on deception.

The foreign minister, a former Mossad agent knows too well about deception and thousands of people have lined up to help promote the state of Israel at the expense of the Palestinians, and it bears mentioning now some who have participated in this ruse.

First off there is the IDF itself.  False flags are common in warfare and work pretty good until the perpetrators get caught, and it seems some of the IDF have been caught passing themselves off as Hamas members while they ransacked the streets of Gaza.  Could it be they also fired on their own colleagues as well as the Palestinian civilians, medics, doctors, UN relief staff, all to make a point that Hamas is a terrorist organization?  Or how about merely using the image of Hamas killing its own to destroy the will people have for the government they elected two years ago,  and rise up to overthrow and replace them.  Such hopes are the stuff unfulfilled dreams are made of, like the hope the Iraqis would do the same to Saddam in ’91 and in all the years thereafter as they were starved and plagued to death by way of international sanctions.  Yet they did not revolt and left the work of getting rid of their dictator to us, despite the hardship he and inevitably we put them through.  Surely, those who sent IDF out as Hamas know it would be the same with the Palestinians.

The deception of war was also fought on the cyber  front where people and in particular one “terrorism expert” passed himself as someone he wasn’t and got caught inciting people who had no desire for violence to commit to a way he thought they should act.   Glen Jenvy became abuislam and encouraged people on‘s forum to threaten and harm Jewish members of British society.  He then used the forum that he posted to to point out how evil British Muslims are, when the only evil was that emanating from his keyboard.

It’s sad the once “chosen” people of God have turned to deception and wars to ensure the safety of their existence among neighbors, when all they need is dialogue with and respect for them.  It is necessary therefore for all concerned to be diligent in becoming informed.  Old folks once said it best, don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.  Better advice can’t be found, when it comes to Israel’s relationships in the Middle East.