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The great divide among Iraq’s ethnicities continues

iraqi_christian_churchI am appalled at the hand modern day Europe and the US played in the destruction of Iraqi culture.  A society centuries old, a lot older than ours in America, was destroyed in 5 years of death and destruction and perhaps the biggest and worst destruction was in the ability of the Iraqis to live together.

That characteristic has been further exacerbated by Germany’s desire to house only Iraqi Christian refugees.  It is a passive way of destroying the social character of a country by encouraging all those of one ethnic persuasion to take advantage of an opportunity only available to them, at a time when the entire society is beset with the problem of social disintegration through occupation.  While I encourage any and all to seek whatever legal means they have at their disposal for safety and prosperity, Iraqi Christians are pawns in the new social order being imposed on Iraq.

No doubt there are large problems that Iraq has between the different religions, sects, and tribes, but those problems have to be sorted out by Iraqis who are interested in social cohesion for themselves, not by outsiders who want to divide communities and take them from their homes.  Moreover, reading between the lines of news reports coming from Iraq about religious persecution, many people there think it’s a direct result of occupation. Mark Glenn’s blog talks about  Christian Iraqis and the issues they face in a post Saddam Iraq.  One interesting tidbit he points out is Iraq has one of  the largest number of Christians of any Arab country, numbering 1 million or more.

The point to this piece is Germany is not offering a solution to religious persecution in Iraq.  What Iraq needs is a stable government that is representative of its citizens, and working within parameters defined by those citizens, and more importantly, in the absence of a foreign occupying force!  My wish would be that  Germany’s desire would be to end occupation of Iraq and help them in the manner Iraqis request, rebuild their country, but offering one group of people a free get out of jail card doesn’t serve the interests of either country, Iraq or Germany, in the long run.

The seductive Tzipi Livni- NOT!

livniIsraeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni is coming to Washington, DC ostensibly to talk to members of the Bush administration about Gaza, but that’s obviously a  lie, since there is now no longer a Bush administration.  Rather what she’s coming to do is to read the Obama administration the riot act, using the carrot and stick approach.

The Israelis would probably like to have a little more time destroying the infrastructure of Gaza and Egypt as well as make a case for their more ambitious goals for the Middle East, but they want to see if Obama is “down with the program” so she’s coming to test the waters and see what she finds.  On the eve of the inauguration, she’ll probably find indifferent Bush people who wanna’ get the hell out of town, and inebriated Obama people who are ready to paaaaaarrrrtyyyyyyy, except the loyalists to her cause who are always alert to every opportunity and available to undermine US interests for Israeli interests.

She probably is also coming to smooth out the Olmert-Rice rift which is still going on.  Rice has said Olmert’s account of being able to manipulate Bush to essentially embarrass her is fictional while for his part, Olmert hasn’t backed down from what he’s reported to have said, that Rice was shamed into her abstention vote at the UN.  That’s certainly the mood  he meant to convey to his Israeli audience, that he has the power to get whatever he wants from his American client state.  However, Livni is the “good” cop in the power politics taking place between the two countries so she’s coming to make nice with Rice before she leaves so Rice won’t  make problems for the Israeli  “program” further down the road.

Livni is a former Mossad operative so she’ll brief them about what she finds in the Obama crowd that Israel can exploit to further their plans.  She’s packaged nicely, a far cry from the frumpy Golda Meir, but equally as deadly and dangerous.  ‘All that glitters ain’t gold’ and Livni is no exception to that rule.   The timing of her visit to Washington to this observer is far more foreshadowing and ominous than it appears.