From the People who brough us, ‘Never Again!’

comes ‘Here we go again!’ Political Zionism is a real and dangerous ideology unlike Islamofascism which is contrived and made up to mask the sins of neocons who want to take over the American government.

In the 2 1/2 weeks since its cease-fire with Hamas broke down, Israel has all but sealed crossings along its border with the Gaza Strip and rejected U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s appeal to allow more humanitarian aid into the enclosed territory that houses more than 1.5 million Palestinians. This response to violence directed against it amounts to collective punishment of civilians, which is illegal under international law, unfair and counterproductive.

In a pogrom reminiscent of the pre-WWII massacres of Jews in Europe but with a twist, the Israelis have one upped their Nazi predecessors by imposing a black out of their atrocities.

Israel has imposed a virtual news blackout on the Gaza Strip. For the last ten days no foreign journalists have been able to enter the besieged territory to report on the escalating humanitarian crisis caused by Israel’s complete closure of Gaza’s borders for the last two weeks.


A delegation of European Union parliamentarians was also prevented from entering Gaza to assess the situation on the ground and to hold talks with Hamas leaders. They subsequently broke the naval siege of Gaza by entering the coast’s territorial waters from Cyprus by boat, defying the Israeli navy.

During talks held with Hamas, the EU parliamentarians were able to get a historic commitment from the Islamic organisation to recognise Israel’s right to exist within the internationally recognised 1967 borders. Hamas further offered a long-term ceasefire in return for Israel legitimizing Palestinian rights.

Israel also prevented 20 European Union consul-generals from entering Gaza on Thursday. On Sunday Israeli border police prevented 15 trucks loaded with medication from entering the Gaza Strip.

It is clear to many observers security is not the reason for Israel’s inhumane blockade of essentials to the citizens of Gaza, nor is there any issue of recognition of Israel’s right to exist on the part of the Palestinians a legitimate excuse for this barbarity.  Israel at this point in its history is not interested in peace with its neighbors, it only wants their land and the natural resources on  or in it.

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