Sarah Palin, terrorist

palin-iiThe Republican Party is certifiably insane.  If they don’t kick Sarah Palin out of their party they will truly be a party for the kooks and idiots of our day.  It wasn’t enough they foisted Palin’s appointment on John McCain a guy with enough issues of his own, they then gave her prominence throughout the campaign, or rather she took it and ran with it, all the while inserting her foot in her mouth every other step of the way.  Now comes word from the US Secret Service that Palin’s campaign rhetoric was responsible for a spike in the number of death threats against Obama.

In more than one instance, a campaign rally crowd has shouted out “kill him” or used other inflammatory remarks before or during a Palin appearance and the occurrence of such utterances was enough to get the McCain campaign to ask Palin to tone it down! Palin’s selective use of terrorist is enough to make anyone jump through hoops, but her interpretation probably includes Obama, judging by her reaction to crowds at her campaign stops where she seemingly does nothing to cool down their anti-Obama outbursts which some said among them the press included ‘kill him’!  The lady is a loony and needs to be put in the appropriate bin.  Let’s hope even Alaskans are spared her demagoguery.  Oh, and hat tip to Du’Gas’ blog.

3 Responses to Sarah Palin, terrorist

  1. rjjrdq says:

    On the other hand, I think she was the one that prevented Obama from getting all the electoral votes. Quite a dilemma for the Repubs…

  2. pvdugas says:

    She is trying so hard to become the POSTER CHILD for the GOP and I’m here to tell you, it ain’t happenin! I was reading the newsweek links and do you know that this woman was scheduled to go on stage with two gentleman from her party (sorry the names escape me because I really don’t care about the right) but they were pro-choice. She refused to go on stage with them. Of course the McCain campaign said she didn’t have a choice so she did it, but failed to acknowledge their presence. This woman is extreme to the 10th power. Since Ted Stevens lost the campaign, at least she won’t be able to get into the Senate. This woman needs to shut her mouth, stop doing exclusive interviews all over town and keep her butt in Alaska. I hope Alaska votes her off the igloo.

  3. miscellany101 says:

    If the turkeys have anything to do with it, Alaskans will! Have you guys seen this video? Warning:

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