Encourage KKK membership

With news like this the Klan can be eliminated just by asking people to join.  This goes way beyond bizarre.  Groups like this will be dogs barking at the heels of the Obama administration and their protestations will be carried by corporate media far and wide.  I’d like to see all those who clamored for the Patriot and Military Commission Act to call such groups terrorists and illegal enemy combatants, even though I still propose Guantanamo Bay be closed.  Of course that won’t happen but perhaps we’ll get lucky and get them to decimate their ranks by their own stupidity.

More fearmongering from corporate media

Obama Win triggers run on guns screams a headline in the Chicago Tribune.  It appears many people are buying firearms to prepare for the inevitable “race war” they think will be led by the country’s first black/white president.  Main stream media is hopeless in its titillating attempts at scandal to increase sales while frightening the general public.  Gun control is also a main agenda item of the ruling elite, which includes many who own newspapers, because weapons in the hands of the general populace means they are independent in attitude and most likely to resist government intrusion if ever such a resistance were to occur in this country.  Unfortunately, many firearm owners are easily misled into believing the Tribune’s implication that a race war is imminent.  I only wish people were as diligent about obtaining firearms when Bush was stripping them of their civil liberties, or when Blackwater was patrolling the streets of New Orleans after Katrina.

I have a friend who would obtain his gun permits from the local sheriff, at the time we were limited to two permits per application every year and buy his handguns yearly, just because he could and to assert his 2nd amendment right to purchase and carry firearms.  A bit expensive hobby but his point was the only way to appreciate this right was to always use it, and I agree.  Even if you aren’t a lover of firearms, I think citizenship requires you own one, learn how to use it and be responsible with it.  One of the great American gun gurus once said, ‘an armed society is a polite society’ and I tend to agree, despite the attention grabbing headlines of Halloween goers being shot by drug crazed, ex-felons who should have never been released from jail.