The election isn’t won yet, Joe!

Feeling awfully confident Joe McCain, not Joe the plumber, thought he was able to take public service a little too far and dumped on a 911 operator in the DC area of Virginia.  Seems Joe was impatient with the flow of traffic and wanted to inappropriately use public servants to vent his frustration.  Kudos to the 911 people who gave just as good as Joe tried to dish out!


Joe is stopping all campaigning on behalf of his brother.  It’s not that there isn’t enough bad news surrounding the campaign, Palin’s $150,000 tailor made wardrobe, the Ashley Todd story, and mass GOP defections to Obama; Joe’s story really offered a glimpse into how he and by extension his brother view power and their relation to it. I think this is the best announcement coming out of the McCain campaign.  I wish there were more like it.

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