There’s a reason why the WOT is so important to this country

Capital really does drive the decision making process in America.  How much and how fast one can make money is the difference between life and death.  The war on terror was started to enrich neocons who had a stake in companies that profited off of government contracts as well as a federal government that could sell the arms it was making to fight imagined terrorists.  This news headline should come as no surprise:

U.S. says its arms exports boomed this year

U.S. government-brokered overseas arms sales are expected to total about $34 billion in the current fiscal year, up more than 45 percent from the year before, the Pentagon agency in charge said…

Overseas arms sales are a key instrument of U.S. foreign policy as well as a boon to defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corp, Boeing Co, Northrop Grumman Corp, General Dynamics Corp and Raytheon Co.

In fiscal 2007, such sales totaled $23.3 billion, up from $21 billion in fiscal 2006, according to the security agency‘s figures.

When you look at the countries who are major buyers of US weapons the list includes Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt and Iraq among others. Three of the countries noted have had large American military installations, or sizeable ones on their territory for some time.  Occupation has its privileges.  Iraq, a  country that until recently wasn’t even allowed to have an air force has now began exploring the possibility of  purchasing  F-16 fighter jets from the United States and all this means is mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money for defense contractors.  However, there looms on the horizon a very ugly specter of war with such arms buildup, especially when you consider the players in the presidential election.

Palin has gone on record saying war with Russia over Georgia is a possibility, especially if Georgia becomes a member of NATO, something she proposes. How a two year governor of Alaska who could become the president of the United States can make such a proclamation is beyond me but it no doubt “resonates” with other members of her party and their advisors, the second generation neocons, who make a living from death and destruction.

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