Drudge, the Republican Party and race baiting

I get really frustrated with Matt Drudge and the stuff he posts on his website. Once I fired off a profanity laced letter to his blog during the initial stages of the Gulf War and then realized it was pointless.  Nevertheless I visit his blog every day to see what headlines he’s placed there…..don’t worry folks it’s one of over 20 news/blog pages I visit each day, most of them through RSS subscription although Drudge is not one of those, and I’ve even second sourced some of his headlines to write about here.

But this latest headline he has about Oprah Winfrey really takes the cake.  It’s clear the Republican Party, for whom Drudge is a mouthpiece and that’s ok by me, is the party of divisiveness at the moment. (Democrats have been there done that too, but that’s for another day) Why would Oprah Winfrey be an issue whether Sarah Palin can be on her show when McCain’s campaign has said Sarah won’t be on ANY show for the moment!! The campaign has said on several occasions that Palin won’t be available for interviews with anyone, printed media , electronic media, ANYONE! You can read about that here, and here and here, and….. Of course, bloggers are all over this story, while corporate dumb down main stream media is focusing on Winfrey and the phony Drudge story. With the characters who they are it’s sure to come down to “race” at some point and it does.  Just read some of the comments found here at ABC News’ race baiting headlined blog. Lowest common denominator media at its best; it can’t get any better.  Of course no one will say that Drudge and ABC News are working hand in hand, but the effect is the same.  You can bet too that ABC News even if given the chance to interview Palin would throw her the same softball type questions Republican “regulars” get from FoxNews or worse, questions that deal with celebrity hood and entertainment and nothing at all about politics and issues of the preservation of the rights and responsibilities of this great Republic!    If you want to fall into the trap set by corporate media and the drudgonians be my guest, but I for one call it demagoguery and no one does it better than main stream media’s Matt Drudge.

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