The neocon’s worst nightmare

One of the successes of the neocons has been the demonization of Islam and Muslims here in the U.S. They have encouraged neighbors to look suspiciously on one another and asked for and received from the government the usurpation of rights that Americans once took for granted but which they are willingly forfeiting. They’ve been able to get away with this because of the image they presented to the public of a menacing Islam and its adherents hell-bent on destroying the American fabric. No doubt there are some with this rather misguided notion, but Islam in America has been a relatively peaceful phenomenon that has sought to get along with its neighbors, participate in civic and political matters and work within the very system which has been used by some who seek to destroy it. (Just ask Sami al-Arian.)

Leaving the big cities behind, and looking westward, I found this very nice article about a Muslim community in New Mexico carrying on in the same tradition of Islam in America as has always been. I especially liked this line from the article, which I think shows the spirit of multiculturalism at its best.

So, every weekend is a merry-go-round of the faithful on the blocks around Barcelona and Cordova streets. There, among a veritable religious enclave, sits a Jewish temple, a Methodist church, a building for a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and now the TaHa Mosque, among others.

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