What a joke!

The Republican party is scaling back their convention because of hurricane Gustav.  Now when I first heard that I thought the convention was being held in New Orleans or somewhere along the Gulf coast.  When I realized it’s being held in Minnesota, I asked myself what brings on this sudden empathy the Party has for humanity that probably won’t enable it to take away their rights?  Despite the devastation hurricane Katrina caused, the Republican hasn’t shown much in the way of concern for the people who most likely won’t vote for them.  Perhaps someone else knows and can tell me what’s going.

One Response to What a joke!

  1. What’s going on is that when Katrina, a natural disaster, hit New Orleans, a lot of (D)s exploited the situation to try to blame Republicans for “not caring” (as you are doing), even though there was really nothing (R)s/Bush could have done – and in reality, disaster preparation/evacuation was supposed to be the responsibility of New Orleans’s mayor and Louisiana’s (D) governor.

    So now, with another hurricane hitting, the Republicans have wised up and realized that (D)s are shameless in how they will try to exploit natural disasters and pin them on (R)s if at all possible. So they’ve made the intelligent decision to try to deprive (D)s of the opportunity to take political cheap shots by making dumb “contrasts” between (R)s having a convention in Minnesota and a hurricane hitting Louisiana, or whatever.

    It still might not work, because (D)s still tend to blame (R)s for everything under the sun and can’t pass up taking cheap shots, as you are demonstrating.

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