Unanswered questions

You’ve probably heard by now of the scientist who committed suicide after he learned he would be indicted for the anthrax terror attacks of 2001-2002, following 911.  That suicide (?) rather conveniently ties up some loose ends in an investigation of the terror attacks that until recently had gone nowhere, but which played a major role in the US going to war in Iraq.  You remember the headlines, don’t you? Media spoke of how the appearance of anthrax laced letters in the US postal system was Saddam Hussein’s way of waging biological warfare against America that would continue to even more disastrous levels unless we invaded his country right away.  Those attacks were just one among many Saddam could launch against our country that could conclude with a giant mushroom shaped cloud hovering over one of the major cities of America.

However that scenario over time became diminished, especially after it was learned that the one who initiated those mailings most likely was an American scientist who worked in a biological weapons grade laboratory on a military base.  False clues were strewn all along the landscape, some pointing to an Arab American employee of the lab and more prominently to a Dr. Stephen Hatfill. The Arab American Dr. Ayaad Assaad’s case is an example of the racism Arabs/Muslims face in 21st century America.  A well orchestrated effort was made to implicate Assaad in the anthrax attacks starting with an anonymous letter mailed to the FBI before the first victim became sick of exposure to anthrax, which suggested he might be hatching such a plot. He was quickly cleared of any involvement and the case languished for almost seven  years, despite highs and lows which featured another innocent man being accused and subsequently cleared of involvement. Several letters written magnifying an Islamic connection and spewing the usual anti-Israeli/American diatribes were prominently displayed for all to see the connection with terror and Islam.  Turns out all that was a lie as has been most everything else that has to deal with Islam in the West post 911.  But this is seven years later and with tremendous hindsight it’s brutally apparent these anthrax letters were used to scare an already frightened American public towards a policy it might not have considered otherwise.   Fellow blogger Xymphora writes about this latest development with some background I suggest you link to and read. Even with Ivins’ death, there are still unanswered questions like the ones posed by Xymphora, and my own, such as if there was a financial payoff for Ivins to gain through the development of a vaccine for anthrax why wasn’t that discovered sooner?  Why did he feel the need to make such a blatant connection with terror and Islam and Muslims?  What was his mental state back in 2001 as  well as his financial one?  Most likely the authorities will be quick to close the case now there appears so much supporting evidence to say Ivins was responsible.  Let’s hope they take their time and tie up all the other loose ends before doing so.

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