Think you’re not expendable?

Think again! The war party desperately wants to fight Iran and they’ll use any excuse to do so, no matter how flimsy, transparent, or false it may be. They were able to convince an unquestioning public to go to war in Iraq and tie that war to the black ops/psyops 911 and they’re cooking up equally sinister things for their war against Iran. Take a listen to some of the things they’ve considered already:

What strikes me about all this is this was a meeting held by some of the top American officials in government and one of them, even for just a moment, wanted to consider sacrificing Americans at the hands of other Americans in order to go to war against Iran. What if we alter the equation just a bit and sacrifice Americans at the hands of non-Americans, in other words, use Americans to provoke a response from a hostile enemy, knowing those Americans will be killed. This type of idea was thought of before during the Kennedy Administration in its war against Cuba and was called, Operation Northwoods and one could draw the conclusion, has extended to today and 911. An Administration intent on going to war will do anything, even sacrifice its own citizens, to realize that goal, even when a war is not necessary, nor in the best interests of the country. People who are so quick to give in to such urges need to be removed from office, never to return again.

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