The war on terror and the war on drugs at odds with one another?

While the US is fighting their misplaced war on terror in Iraq, the opium trade is growing like it never has since the euphemistic WOT began! Afghan opium poppy cultivation grew 17 percent last year, continuing a six-year expansion of the country’s drug trade and increasing its share of global opium production to more than 92 percent, according to a recently released UN study. The numbers and the time line are rather significant. The war on terror meant to eliminate those dastardly terrorists which have claimed the lives of thousands of Americans here and abroad are some how able to grow and produce opium at record levels while US and NATO troops scour their country looking for them! And they have continued to do so during the entire time of the occupation of their country by those forces! How does that happen? Such questions make it possible for some to make claims like this or this or this. More likely is the fact we will see more of the same here in the US as it pertains to drug use; an increase in the number of users and the accompanying debilitating affects on the society. Drug induced stupor makes it easier for the government to imprison its citizens while enacting unconstitutional measures such as the Military Commission Act and FISA,

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