World’s Top Ten Intellectuals are all Muslims

Imagine that; at least according to the secular magazine, Foreign Policy, which conducted a poll of who are the world’s top public intellectuals.  Of course one has to add the caveat it’s a rather unscientific poll.  However, over 500,000 responded to this poll and here are the results:

FETHULLAH GÜLEN-Religious leader • Turkey

MUHAMMAD YUNUS-Microfinancier, activist • Bangladesh

YUSUF AL-QARADAWI-Cleric • Egypt/Qatar

ORHAN PAMUK-Novelist • Turkey

AITZAZ AHSAN-Lawyer, politician • Pakistan

AMR KHALED-Muslim televangelist • Egypt

ABDOLKARIM SOROUSH-Religious theorist • Iran

TARIQ RAMADAN-Philosopher, scholar of Islam • Switzerland

MAHMOOD MAMDANI-Cultural anthropologist • Uganda

SHIRIN EBADI-Lawyer, human rights activist • Iran

Quite a potpourri of schools of thought and political philosophies.  I don’t see any warriors,  jihadists, former al-Qaida members  on the list although some would try to argue that Qaradawi or Ramadan might qualify for that title.  What this list does show is the diversity inherent in the world wide Muslim community and the appreciation Muslims have for people of all walks of life who make a contribution to the benefit of their way of life.

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