Bin Laden’s right hand man released in Britain

It seems kind of strange reading a headline about someone associated with bin Laden being released from prison during the same week American politicians are calling for his head. Abu Qatada seems to have as many lives as a cat.  He’s been arrested three times, escaped from prison twice and is now being allowed out of prison on bail.  Living in Britain illegally for many years, the government of Britain has even been stifled in their attempts to deport him to his native Jordan.  Qatada was once known as “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe” is now free and this observer can’t understand why?  Hundreds of people less involved with al-Qaida and bin Laden are languishing in Guantanamo Bay for years with no end in sight, yet Qatada has gone free AGAIN, and beaten all attempts  at imprisoning or deporting him.  How does that happen?

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