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John McCain’s what were you thinking moment

John McCain has many problems, from his anger issues where he disrespected his wife in public to his endorsement from the satanic John Hagee who ‘s  begging for war  and Armageddon (do you think we can get him to volunteer to be the first casualty?) to Clayton Williams who likens bad weather to rape, but  his  cozying up to Joe Lieberman, the ultimate hawk and deceiver when it comes to anything that has to deal with Israel and US foreign policy is  one of the more distasteful associations  for him to have at this time in  America.  Why?  Well Lieberman wants to incite America to war with Iran, taking a page out of the Bush playbook of instilling fear in the general population.  With rumors that he might very well be the VP running mate swirling around, Lieberman’s recent and misleading exaggerations seemed to have really upset Obama.  One issue American Jews seem to be distrustful of Obama and mean Joe is trying to  parlay  that FEAR into voter points.

Lieberman has wasted no time in questioning Obama’s positions on Iran and Israel, two topics on which Lieberman and McCain agree. Just one day after Obama clinched his party’s nomination, Lieberman joined Republicans on a McCain campaign teleconference call assailing Obama following his foreign policy address to a leading Jewish group.

Obama is trying to convince Jewish voters he’s their friend, and mean Joe is telling them otherwise.  It’s almost as bad as trying to convince the public he’s not Muslim, or that he stopped beating his wife who reportedly talked so disparagingly about white people.  Disproving innuendo is a fruitless exercise.  Perhaps that’s why Obama has the glare he does.  Nevertheless Joe’s the point man for the McCain campaign’s foreign policy assault on Obama and there’s nothing anybody,  including the Democratic establishment which “hopes” he doesn’t take things too far, can do about it.  Let’s hope voters can see through this dog and pony show.  I’m betting on the people, this time.

Islamic expansionism? You’re kidding, right?

I got into an unfortunate, heated and ugly debate with another blogger who wanted to impress upon me just how jingoistic and expansionist minded Islam and Muslims were.  They quoted all the necessary verses from the Quran to back up their point that Muslims were obliged to be bloodthirsty killers because of their religious texts and that only the “good” people who stood up to them, fought  and killed them had a chance of saving humanity.  The blogger also revealed how they had to go to the Middle East twice to fight this Islamic scourge and that got me thinking. How can someone sent to fight a foreign people in their own homeland miles and time lines away accuse those foreigners of being expansionist?  That is the first paradox for me, but when I look at the conflict that person was sent to fight, I see even more paradoxes and have more questions.

The first Gulf War was one of territorial expansionism between two Arab countries, neither of which was known for religion, and by their own accounts fought primarily because of history and oil.  Saddam didn’t like the way the borders were drawn when Kuwait was established and wanted to “take it back”.  He also didn’t like how the Kuwaitis reneged on a promise to help him build his country after it’s war with Iran and the fact they were flooding the market with oil and making it difficult for him to realize the profits he wanted from oil he was pumping from beneath Iraqi soil.  This first Gulf War was a squabble between neighbors about territory. There was nothing to suggest this first conflict was about anything concerning Islam or religion.  Moving on to the second Gulf War and the present conflict…..well need we go there?

The false claim of WMDs and the purported link between Saddam and al-Qaida have been rehashed in the media for quite some time now.  Actually, this latest conflict began in the halls of think tanks in the US where as early as the mid 90s people were plotting the overthrow of Saddam.  I believe their plots had everything to do with religion, Christian evangelism and Zionism, to overthrow Saddam who was a secularist at that time, for reasons only they know and which I could only speculate but won’t do so now.  Nevertheless, when these plans came to fruition, they were combined with an Islamophobia brought on by completely unrelated events and in that context many in the west viewed this last Gulf  war incorrectly  as one  about religion.  The Muslim world watched from the sidelines, as it has done throughout many conflagrations in the Middle East, as innocent Iraqis were slaughtered in the name of wiping out the fanatical Muslims whose only misfortune was to be citizens in a country targeted for extermination by people and forces they were unfamiliar and with whom they probably had a lot in common.

So my detractor didn’t make a convincing argument to me about the evil and threat of Muslim jihadists when they pointed to their participation in two Gulf wars, both fought for reasons that had nothing to do with Islam. But I took it a step further by looking at the conflict in the Middle East since I have been alive and I see most if not all of it centered around nationalism and territory.  The Palestinian conflict has been the predominant struggle in modern Middle Eastern history and it is a blatant example of the usurpation of the rights and territory of an indigenous people by a misplaced group of people from other lands.  Theirs is a natural struggle and in some sense you can call it Islamic, for surely Islam says people have a right to self defense and self determination, but it is also limited to that small area of land known as Palestine. Otherwise Middle Eastern conflicts are marked by internecine conflicts between tribes, clans, and nationalities claiming for themselves areas of land without raising at all the possibility of Islam having much to do with their struggle.

So I’m really at a loss to understand my antagonist’s dislike of Muslims in the context of jihadists, expansionists Muslims.  I would laugh if this were the first time I had heard these objections, but it’s caught on like wild fire in the West.  Interestingly enough I had already posted here about what some Muslims feel concerning this subject and I would hope that addressed most people’s concerns satisfactorily…..but I know in reality it hasn’t and it won’t.  So pieces like mine will continue to be written and others will continue to refute what I’ve written here and the reality will always be cloudy.