If you’re travelling by air this summer, here’s something to think about

How did we go from thisTo this.....

to finally this?

How did we go from the picture in the top to the one in the middle  to the bottom photo in airports today? FEAR! I read where millimeter wave scanning is voluntary and if a passenger chooses NOT to have it, then they must submit to a pat down search!?!! In all my years of flying, I’ve never had one of those. Oh sure, I’ve had the “magic wand” swept around my body and been told to remove my shoes a time or two, but physical touching, or laying of hands? Never had it done in any airport. So why is this the alternative offered to body imaging scanners? In any event, for those of you more modest than the rest, make sure you wear underwear like the people in ALL of the millimeter wave scanning photos posted for public consumption, that doesn’t expose your genitals and you too can feel good about your body image being seen by someone you don’t know and can’t see. TSA? Titillating Sexual Appetites!

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