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Very nice video

I always liked this video from the moment I first saw it.  There are three parts to it which gives a glimpse of who Muslims are in America.  I strongly urge you to take the time to look at all three parts, or any part, in its entirety!  You might be surprised to find your neighbor, whom you may like very much, in this film.

Blackmail American government style

In an earlier blog we reported how the US is withholding Iraqi funds in a bid to garner support from the Iraqis for permanent US military bases in their country.  Now in a new twist, perhaps, the government is taking things up a notch, demanding the Iraqis recognize and establish relations with Israel, or not receive US aid.  Without their own money or money from their prime benefactor, it’s a sure bet Iraq will be a two-bit banana republic in constant turmoil and strife for decades to come, which is exactly what the neocons want!

A side bar to this is, this is something being debated in Congress, the primary residence of AIPAC.  Neither the Administration nor the Israeli government have come up with such a proposal, probably due to the explosive nature such a proposal would bring, so this is just one more indication of the power of the lobby.  Stay tuned.

A beleagured Bush gets slapped by the Supreme Court

President Bush has been repudiated by the US Supreme Court in their decision allowing even foreigners held in Guantanamo Bay the right to appeal in US courts! The high court ruled unconstitutional a provision in the Military Commissions Act which kept US courts out of the range of detainees at Gitmo. No matter what the talking heads say, this is the third defeat for Bush before the US Supreme Court since 2004.

What Bush is faced with, in the waning days of his presidency is a defeat at the hands of the judicial as well as the timid legislative branches of government. For the latter, the assault is on two fronts. First Kucinich’s sponsorship of articles of impeachment, which he says he has support for from other legislators, and John Conyers attempts to investigate Bush for war crimes coupled with this latest round of defeat at the hands of the Court don’t bode well for Bush’s “legacy”.